Text messaging

We use exceptional end-to-end encryption for every text, file, video and voice message, so all messages are encrypted before they leave your device. We do not archive your communication.


Sending files

Send encrypted messages and files up to 200 megabytes without any restrictions on the number of active participants.


Video calls

Video calls over the Internet have never been easier and safer. Up to 6 video calls at the same time.


Voice calls

Enjoy crystal-clear sound and phone calls as long as you want without any additional charge.



Online meeting can be arranged faster than ever before. You do not have to download anything, install or to register somewhere.


Whenever, Wherever

Not only can be the application used in PC, but also in a tablet or a smartphone with web browser.

Security and anonymity


An unconquerable server

Our servers are located in a Swedish atomic bunker which has been included among the 10 safest places on the earth. On the exactly same severs were operated the famous WikiLeaks.


Legal protection

Swedish legislature does not allow extradition of any data nor information to other than Swedish authorities, and only in limited extent.



For the all participants of a meeting, the system creates an anonymous nickname. No real names or identities are used.


TLS encryption

The safety of transfer of your confidential information is handled by the 256-bit TLS encryption. RapidSSL.com is a part of Geo Trust which is the internationally recognized certification authority.


Multi-layer protection

Within the top layer is used TLS encryption and below are all messages encrypted by the usage of AES-GCM Modern encryption. For the purpose of the keys’ exchange is used RSA (KEM)


We do not archive anything

We do not archive any information about the communication of our users. And we never shall.



All communication takes place directly between users and its content does not pass through any servers.


Client side encryption

All communication is encrypted on a user’s device, so even us, as the operators do not have a chance to acquire it. Even if we were contacted by any authorities with a request for the submission of information, we do not have anything to give them.


Secure PIN

You will receive a one-time license key with your purchase. Using it via activation page you will get randomly generated unique PIN.